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Although some wrote him off as finished before he was 25 due to his knee problems (Aiur, you listening?), the great Rafa, King of Clay, is back firing on all cylinders.  He will cruise to the semis through a dream draw offering no real threat other than the injuries Aiur said would cause him to retire many years ago. 

The other quarterfinal match in the bottom half of the draw is everything anyone could hope for in Djokovic v. Thiem.  The winner of that match, even if he loses to Nadal, may well be on the way to #1.  No, IS the new king. 

The bad part is that the lady who used to yell "Go Fish!" now is yelling "Go Thiem! Go!" 
You can't kill her.  It's illegal.  I checked.  Seriously.  I know how you feel, but it isn't worth it.
As a #1, Andy Murray is the new Caroline Wozniacki.  That's illegal, too.  Or should be.

The top half can be summed up in one word: Stan.  Nothing up here and no one will keep Stan from playing Rafa in the final.  That match will be on Stan's racquet from jump street.  Rafa will probably win.

But the top half is where ALL the fun is.  DelPotro's back & will beat Murray in R3...what drama!  I like the winner of DelPo/Verdasco to face Stan & give him a run for his money.  Verdasco in the semis when he has never made the quarters at RG before?  Maybe.  Seriously.  He's got a shot.

There you have it from the inside.  Act like a Republican.  Take it to the bank.

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LMAO, your first post in like 16 months has me in it. How cute. BTW, Donny, I also said Nadal would end up with 15 'Slams for his career in 2010.

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Hilarious.  Kinda reminds me of Don Rickles on meth.