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Congrats to both Federer and Roddick. I feel like Roddick really deserved it but once again, Federer just pipped his opponent to take the title.

What do you guys think of the final?

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Wow, it was amazing on so many levels. When the 5th set came around I thought that Federer did not have a chance. He could not break Roddick's serve, Roddick had broken his serve twice, the 5th set will not have a tie break. I thought that there was no way for him to win, but with a lot of skill and a bit of luck he pulled it out.

Roddick played the best match of his career. He made so few errors and his serve and ground strokes were world class today. It was a great match.

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It was one of those matches that was decided by 10 or 12 key points. Roddick did play extremely well, and he must be so disappointed that he lost today. But Roger kept his cool even when faced with two break points in the final set. It was so exciting to watch Roger get his 15th grand slam win. Also, I'm glad that Sampres showed up for this one. It was nice to see him in the stands.

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I feel so sorry for Roddick! But he did play so well. well done Federer, he played his best whne he needed to.

That royal box was pretty cool, what with sampras and Bjorg etc.

What a great match to watch.

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I thought when Roger was down 15-40 at 12 all or something in the 5th that he was done. He then pulled off some huge first serves and survived the game. I thought Roger was starting to make some headway on Roddick's serve 2 or 3 games before he ended up breaking him. Roddick was starting to miss more 1st serves as well as ground strokes, and Federer got to 30 or Deuce a couple of times. Hats off to Roger for getting his 15th Slam and getting back the #1 ranking. At the same time I hope Roddick puts this behind him and has a good showing against Croatia in a few days but even more so at Flushing Meadows.

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I totally agree Aiur, I thought that was the end for him. But somehow he managed to get out of that game and pull out an amazing victory. What a close call. Congrats to Roddick for great play.

After the match Federer looked relaxed and composed, as if all he did that day was take a little walk around the grounds. I don't even remember seeing him sweat. Is this guy human? I mean, a normal person would look exhausted after a record setting match like that. It's like the Swiss made him in a lab deep underground.

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Roddick had plenty of chances to win this match, so don't feel sorry for him. He was up 5-1 in the 2nd set tie break, and he had several chances in the final set. Federer never looked scared or rattled - he was always his usual calm, composed self and this is why he won yet again!