Topic: Cannot access forum (for 3 years)

Hi Charles,

CrossCourt here. I was wondering if you could find a solution to a problem I've been having for a few years now. I have been unable to access the forum on my normal account (CrossCourt) since January 2013.

This is difficult to explain, but the rest of the site's features work perfectly for me. When I enter the forum, however, my account appears to be signed out. The yellow bar in the top right hand corner of the website prompts me to sign in and the 'Leagues' tab is not shown. Upon pressing any one of the remaining tabs (i.e. 'Blog'), my account signs in again (without my input) and all is well. Then I'm able to access my leagues again.

This problem is persistent with different computers and browsers which leads me to believe it's an issue with the account itself. Hopefully there is a solution to this.


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Re: Cannot access forum (for 3 years)

I'm sorry about this, it's a very strange issue. I'll look into it.

Re: Cannot access forum (for 3 years)

Any luck, Charles? Could you reset my account without deleting my history?

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