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I read this and I had to show you guys
"May I extend my condolences to Zhang Shuai, a very capable player (#30 at one point)  from Tianjin China, whose career prize money is in excess of $1.5 million?

But who went down to defeat today against Karolina Pliskova,

It was Zhang's 14th consecutive first round loss in grand slams.  That may not be a record, but it has to be close.

But look at the players she's had to face.  You'd think that once in a while she'd draw a wild card or a qualifier or a low-ranking player, wouldn't you?  But every single one of these players has been in the top 25.  Barthel peaked at #23, Wozniak at #21, and all the others have been in the top twelve.

2008 AO  Cornet

2010 RG  Petrova

2011 AO  Safarova

2011 RG  Hantuchova

2011 Wm Kuznetsova

2011 US  Cibulkova

2012 AO  Wozniak

2012 RG  Kerber

2014 AO  Barthel

2014 RG  Radwanska

2014 Wm Suarez-Navarro

2014 US  Barthel

2015 AO  Cornet

2015 RG  Pliskova

Here's hoping that Zhang gets an easier draw at Wimbledon."

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Thats why you need to play smaller tournaments and face easier oppontents to build your rank up, to get a seeding.

I really hate when people say things like: "I don't care about ranking I'm just trying to focus on my game and the ranking follows".

Stuff like that reallly shows that they have the wrong tactics. Ranking does matter, a lot. I wish more players actually realized this.

Plus playing against easier oppontents, that are still on a very high level, winning matches against players like that gives you confidence.

I don't know about this girls history and what tournaments she plays, I'm just speaking in general. But if she really does play many easier tournaments and doesn't win them, then I don't feel sorry for her because then she's simply not good enough.

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Re: Poor Zhang Shuai

Wow, that is some misfortune.
Still, she carries the brunt of the blame for this Slam losing streak.

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It is no easy feat getting a grand slam ranking. I feel sorry for her. She does play small tournaments and is trying to improve her ranking, just because she is having a bad run doesn't mean she isn't trying.

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I think what really got me was that wheb she was in the top 30, not too long ago, she was still gettt drawn the  top players who had just come back from injury. That has to suck. However now that her rabking is lower ( she may still be top 100?) she us mor susceptible to terrible draws

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Grand Slam's are like the World Championship in Tennis. You can't expect to get easy draws, actually you can't even expect to get easy draws no matter how high your seeding is. It really just shows how though the sport is these days.

I will quote Robin Soderling on this: "There's at least 50 players that should be top-10 out there"

Most players who are in the top-100 can, on a good day beat pretty much anyone. So you'll never walk safe in a slam.

What you always should do though, is to have a certain goal to achieve on the rankings and then set up as good plan as possible to reach that goal and also to maintain that level and keep evolving as a player. If you're in the top-100 your goal should naturally be to reach the top-30. There's "easier" and "harder" ways of achieving this, so it's not all about luck. If you're ranked lower your goal might be to get in to the top-200 or something like that, to reach the next level.

This is why I don't like players who say the don't think or care about rankings. Everybody does, either they're lying or they don't have good enough ambitions.

Ranking is so important in a sport like tennis, it's a lot about economics also, better rankings will give you a much better chance to earn more money, that in turn will give you more possibilities.

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Re: Poor Zhang Shuai

Then I just want to make one thing clear, I do not criticize this chinese girl, I don't know her. I'm just speaking in general, what I think.

However, I personally do feel that all those players listed are players that you should expect to face in the first round in a slam. I don't think there's anything "unlucky" in it to be honest. Sure she could have had more luck but I wouldn't call these players a horrible draw in a slam.

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