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Istomin is unseeded; hence he's worth +32, not +16, potential bonus points.  Please correct that small error, Arnaud.

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That's right Don, it's now corrected.

Is it me or there are far less possible bonus points than we had at the French??

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It does seem that way, doesn't it?


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Arvis wrote:

- When I look at the other 3 players who left Nadal off their team, I suddenly wish I was not among them.  No disrespect intended.

- I went back and forth in my mind between Dimitrov and Berdych over and over.  Looks like I wasn't the only one: it's a perfect 6 and 6 split between us, with the remaining 3 avoiding both of them altogether with Nishikori.  Nishikori could turn out to be a great pick.  I'm hoping Kohlschreiber comes in inspired and makes another run to the quarters, though.

- Not sure JG's gonna be too happy about his Gulbis pick by the end of the week.  But it's possible he could find some grass court form.  He wind up on the forehand is just way too long for grass courts, it's always going to hold him back.  He's going to need to serve even better than he did today if he wants a shot at the 2nd week.

- Has ANY Mid-Tier player ever been picked 16 times by the Yoda Crew?  I'm thinking no.  Lopez has already set a record without even having to play.  But considering his form and the absolute cakewalk of a draw, it was only logical.

- Kevin Anderson is guaranteed bonus points, so I'm kinda surprised that he isn't on everybody's team.

- I'm also surprised so many people went with Kohlschreiber considering how inconsistent he's been here.

- On the surface, Don's Robredo pick seems like the worst pick in this entire competition (he's 11-12 lifetime here and has never won 3 matches in a row and will likely play 3 grass court specialists in a row in his section).  But Don is crafty and could write a book about all the things he notices that I don't.  So we'll see how that turns out.

- Istomin an interesting pick for Don and Thomas.  Basically a coin flip: heads is bonus points, tails is a -16.

- I like Wimby's Becker pick, but even he gets past Dolgo, I don't see him beating Dimitrov.  Still, he's got to be satisfied with anything green from an Unseeded player.

- Despite his form, I'm still a little surprised that Federer is such a popular pick for Finalist.  Also surprised that nobody picked Rafa to win.

- By the end of the week, 11 people are going to be very sad they put Sharapova on their teams.

- By the end of the week, 12 people might be even MORE sad because of Li Na.  You never can tell with that lady.

- Beyond those two, I'm positively STUNNED at some of the Top 16 picks on the women's side.  Azarenka, with basically nothing but losable matches now ahead of her.  Bouchard may not be over her surface-change yips AND has Serena in the Rd of 16.  Thexc picked Kerber, which means he has THREE Top 16 players who are ALL IN THE SAME QUARTER.  Perhaps Thexc was a little drunk when he put this team together?  Well, at least one of those three should come through in that section, and maybe he was just REALLY confident in Halep and Ivanovic.  Of course, Thexc was also confident enough in Stosur to pick her as a Finalist.  Still to early to tell, though, how this seemingly-crazy team will work out for him.

- Looks like Thomas and CrossCourt are going to go head-to-head in Round 1!  This is a rare occurrence for the Yoda Crew.  Thomas has Paszek and CrossCourt has Flipkens.  Someone is getting a -16.  But who...?  I favor Thomas here, which is unfortunate because CrossCourt already has two -16s and really needs a little success after the French.  GO FLIPKENS!

- Don's strategy of betting against players who just won tournaments before a Slam hasn't been working out for him in these last two Slams.

- Will Pavlyukerplunkova punish Johnny the way she has to so many of us before?

- Pironkova a very good risky pick for many of the Yoda Crew.  She could easily lose to Lepchenko, but if she doesn't, she's almost guaranteed to get you guys bonus points.  With a set under her belt already, you've got to like your chances to get over the hump tomorrow.

- Keys is another great pick.  I wanted to get her as well, but didn't want to have both her and Lisicki on my team.  I think now that maybe Keys would have been the better pick.

- Dellacqua was dangerously close to a -16.  Good on her for coming through for Johnny and Charles.

- Gotta say, I am madly in love with everybody's Unseeded Women.  Tamira Paszek, Vera Zvonareva, Shuai Zhang, Camila Giorgi, Alison Riske, and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova are all inspired picks, I think.

- 5 people predicted Li Na to make the Finals?  Hmm.  So far, Kvitova is looking like the best pick.

That's my pointless analysis.  Excited to see how all this goes!

A lot of my pointless analysis has been pretty on point so far.


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Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back, Arvilator.  You might need it later.

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Well, my arm hasn't won me a Yoda Cup yet, so I need to use it for things it can realistically accomplish.  Apparently, that's limited to pointless things.


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Perhaps you should learn to play the accordion:
Or maybe not.

You have to love the way Flaco Jiminez is humoring these pretenders.  It's very generous.

If God loves you enough, you'll find out you're genetically related to Flaco Jimenez.  Otherwise, keep looking.  Who knows what you might find.

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Considering my ethnic background is something like 99% Irish/Scottish/Welsh, I'm thinking it's unlikely I have any "Jiminez" in me.  But thank you for the encouragement.