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Sloane is a fairly good player. She had a close call today though. She barely scraped a win against Millen though, barely beating her 4-6 6-3 7-6. What do you guys think about her future?

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In order for her to improve in her ranking, she has to play more consistently. A lot of times, she looks lethargic out there. Today against Minella, Sloane's serve was very inconsistent and should have lost. She played much better against Caroline Woz, and I thought she would win but she loss.I honestly think she plays slightly above/below to the level of her opponent.  She should have won that match against Caroline, just like she should have lost today, but won.

I am rambling. I don't know. She's a bit frustrating.

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Re: Sloane Stevens

I agree. She's very inconsistent. At times in her match today it was pretty much her winning one point and losing the next. She was playing better in the second set but still very inconsistently.