Petra Kvitova: a name to remember

Jul 5, 2011

Petra Kvitova is our other new and exciting champion of 2011. Again, she was arguably the underdog. After all, Sharapova had been in the same situation seven years ago. She has done this before. It should be like coming home. But no matter how  comfortable she might of felt, it was obviously not enough.

Sharapova’s errors were rash and wild. Her shot-making was all over the place, and she found it nearly impossible to find the lines and angles she needed to beat a player who was on top form. But it wasn’t just Sharapova’s mistakes that brought the match to a finish in such a short amount of time. Despite playing a defending champion, it didn’t seem to get into Kvitova’s head. When Kvitova went up 5-3 in the first, it was already starting to become clear that she was on to a winning way. Double faults and more mistakes from Sharapova pushed the score line up in Kvitova’s favour.

In the second set there was a minor dip in form, but Kvitova got her confidence back to break again. Sharapova was clinging on for dear life, trying to grabble her way back and then ahead. But with her shots falling just short almost every time, a sense of inevitability was starting to settle. The Centre Court crowd became a little restless, pulling out their cameras so that they were ready for the presentation trophy. At times like this you always hope that the underdog fights back. But Kvitova had her strangehold on this game. She finished, delighted, after 85 minutes.

With Martina Navratilova and Jana Novtona in the Royal Box to cheer her on, Petra beamed with delight and thanked the crowd and her box for everything after capitalising on her championship point. It’s her first grand slam, and doing so at Wimbledon against a former champion is something else. Petra Kvitova needs to be watched in the coming years, as she will be one of the handful of players beating away the Williams sisters and the top seeds to make a mark.

-          SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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CrossCourt says:
Jul 6, 2011

“A name to remember”:
SophieG, the least you could do is spell her name correctly (oh the irony of it).

Nevertheless, a very insightful read. Can she be like he idol, Navratilova, and become one of the most dominant players on the women’s tour?

Fingers crossed.

SophieG says:
Jul 7, 2011

Apologies for that, that’s been corrected! I knew one day I would slip up horrifically with some poor player’s name!

I think time will only tell with her impact on the women’s game. There are a whole group that are starting to fight their way past the Williams dominance, it depends whether she can capitalise this and cement her place. There needs to be a sustained success and presence by these players, not just the odd grand slam here and there each. I’m sure there will be a few that can do this though. Kvitova (spelt correctly) could be one of those.

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