Youngest Sister Takes The Title

Jul 4, 2009

Serena Williams powered through both her sister and many people’s expectations to become Wimbledon Women’s Champion 2009. It was the fourth time she had met her sister in the final, and the third time she has taken the title after winning in 2002 and 2003.

Serena put an end to Venus’ hold on the title and her bid to get it for a third consecutive year.

It wasn’t exactly the most enthralling final to be played out at Wimbledon, but an entertaining match nonetheless. Lots of fuss was made over which celebrities, past superstars of the sport and royal dignitaries had turned up to watch them (if anyone was interested, the most impressive faces in the royal box today were Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child fame, and Ben Stiller. How…American). There was strong suspicions that they had already etched Williams onto the honours board and were just waiting to fill out the all important first name to distinguish between the two (makes sense).

Still, the first set was taken to a tie-break, as both sisters responded to everything the other gave. Serena’s serves were spot on when she needed them, and she took it 7-3, sending her sister sprawling on some

It took ‘til the 19th game before Serena managed to pull away from her sister. Suddenly, Venus was the one dropping behind and faltering in her serve. It was a double-fault that led Venus handing the breakpoint to Serena.

And still, Venus wasn’t going to go down lightly. Serena broke Venus to make it 4-2, then 5-2, and Venus found her sister tearing away from her completely. But Venus saved three match points with some fantastic defensive work. It was only until Venus netted a backhand did the match end at one hour 27 minutes, and Serena fell to her knees  to celebrate regaining the Wimbledon title.

So another Williams sister wins the title, but at least this match had some meat on its bones. And on a day like Independence Day it had a certain poetry to it as an American raised the championship dish again. Now we can look to the US Open and muse whether anyone can break the sisters’ hold on the game. Will Dementiva be looking for revenge for that close semi-final match against Serena?

Of course there’s that little distraction of the Men’s Wimbledon Final tomorrow, but I’m sure that should past without drama…

Wouldn’t it be weird if that were true?


-          SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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