A Sisterly Affair

Jul 2, 2009

Wimbledon 2009 will once again be a sisterly affair, with both Venus and Serena making their way through. The matches they played to achieve this, however, could not have been more different. Whilst Serena slogged through an intense two hour 48 minute match that tested the nerve and mental stamina of both players, Venus’ match against Dinara Safina was over in a blink of an eye.

The world no. 1 even bagled in her last set, the final score being an embarrassing 6-1 6-0. The American trampled all over the Russian’s game, and no-one could help but agree with Safina when she said about her opponent ‘She’s just too good on grass’.

Looking at the statistics, there wasn’t much chance of Safina being able to fight past Venus. Whereas this is now Venus’ 8th final, this was Safina’s first semi-final at Wimbledon. Her mental strength and play were simply blown away by Williams’.

The word ‘whopped’ comes to mind.

In contrast to this, the Serena vs. Dementiva semi-final will be remembered as one of the most exciting women’s semi-finals at Wimbledon in recent history. Certainly it blew away the cobwebs that have started to settle over women’s tennis. The spectators were all delighted. In fact anyone who was watching soon realised they were in for a treat. That here, finally, was a match to look back on in the women’s tournament.

Dementiva won the first set in a nail-biting tiebreak, and Williams just about clinched the second with an ace. Both remained at loggerheads throughout the deciding set, with Dementiva missing a match point at 6-5 due to some luck and skill from a defensive Serena. After Williams broke in the next game, things had started to swing her way and sent Dementiva flying wide and from Wimbledon 2009.

So two starkly different matches, but two people of very similar blood making their way through to the finals. I suppose the world just has to live with another Williams sisters final, but make of it as you will.

Tomorrow it the men’s semi-final, and I don’t know about anyone else but I am on the edge of my seat over that one. Find a place on the sofa or some time in front of the computer because tomorrow should be a good’un…


-          SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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